Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today in the Doctor's Office...

“Wow, your lymph nodes are very swollen.”

They don’t feel swollen to me.”

they are. Very swollen…almost like “shoddy” lymph nodes…like a person who’s suffered a lifetime of infections…but, no…you’re much too young for that…”

Not like I have…lymphoma…or anything, right?”

well, that’s why we’re getting your blood work done; to make sure your red and white cell counts aren’t off.”


not any weird cancers, like lymphoma, in your family, is there?”

my grandma had lymphoma.”


my little brother has cancer…”

right, astrocytoma…I remember. Lay down so I can check your other lymph nodes…”

I'm fucked


Lacy H. said...

way to not be an alarmist...DOCTOR!!!!

Addie said...

Don't you just love doctors? Can't they think inside their head instead of out loud? My psychiatrist is a neurologist and he mused out loud about why he didn't *think* I need an MRI to rule out a brain tumor. Lovely. We're all here for you, Leila...hang in there!

Debaser said...

When do you expect your blood panels to be done?

Leila V. said...

Doctors have no respect for hypo tendencies.

You're back! I was beginning to think the Lexapro took you out. These medical professionals need their heads examined.

Seeing as I'm four hours away at this damn wedding, getting my blood drawn will have to wait until next week, and who knows how long until I get the results...

Barbora said...

Hey Leila,

Hang in there. The big concern about hashed lymph nodes is mono. They have to order blood tests to determine whether or not you have mono. If YOU throw out the lymphoma question…THEY CAN’T give you a big, happy, unqualified “No! You don’t have cancer.” It’s against doctor rules.

People who give professional advice for a living are like chess pieces. Doctors have to back in forth in a straight line…lawyers have to move sideways. It’s the rules…something to do with malpractice.

Hey, if it were ME waiting for the blood test, I’d be in tears...convinced I had lymphona or madcow, or perhaps both.


Nikole said...

Man - THAT SUCKS!! Coupled with all the stress of the wedding... I sure hope it is an open bar.. :)

I just received the "wellness" screening results that I had done at work (dumb move, yes, i realize this)... I am also convinced that I am some type of anemia caused by some underlying chronic immune disorder.. Lymphoma was at the top of the list, second to Lupus.. But now that Barbora tossed out the Madcow, it's probably that....

I'll have a beer for ya! Hang in there (just think of that cheesy 70's poster with the kitty hanging from the branch..)

I apologize in advance if there are typo's in here... I don't have time to proof.

heather G said...

Oh dear dear. You have just had a throat infection though and they take ages to go down after something like that.

That's a funny line about "lexapro taking you out".

Good luck

Debaser said...

Oh, yeah. Mono. I had that once. It can be pretty rough! But it sure as hell beats the alternative and is probably much more likely than cancer at your age!

Best of luck at this wedding shindig! Bring a firearm (just in case things get out of hand).

Barbora said...


It's the couple's Lucky day!


tournesol said...

Hang in there Leila! I had a swollen lymph node a couple of years ago, had a CT scan, nothing. I still have the swollen lymph node though almost 3 years later. But scan was perfectly clean, I feel fine. Get the test done soon just so you won't worry about it so long. Thats the worst part. Hopefully you are sipping champagne and having a wonderful time at the wedding.