Tuesday, July 24, 2007

T Minus 26 Days and a Wake Up

As of 11:00 a.m. this morning, I’ve officially committed to having half of my throat lopped off. I met with an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist who kindly informed me that I have one tonsil growing the wrong way, (into my neck), and another tonsil that’s equally as large, as it is damaged.

The surgery—which is scheduled to take place in just under a month—is gonna cost me three hundred and fifty bucks, two weeks of bed rest, and supposedly fifteen pounds. If the last part is true, the money and time will have been more than well spent.

I’m pretty much terrified. Not only for the obvious reason, that I’m getting my throat carved up like a thanksgiving turkey, but because of the anesthesia. I’m petrified that it’ll kill me, (and the little fact that I’ll only be “out” for forty five minutes gives me no solace). Out is out!

How do I know my habit of excessive alcohol consumption, and recent drug “experimentation” won’t interfere with the anesthesia? Or, even worse, how do I know these extracurricular activities haven’t left my liver in a deteriorated state and unable to filter the “good drugs,” (for those of us D.A.R.E. graduates out there).

So, I’ve got myself something new to worry about, death by anesthesia. This should be an interesting month.

* * *
Editor’s Note: The broken toe I referred to in the last post was a hypochondriac break, which is more akin to a stubbing than an actual break; my apologies for any confusion.


Lacy H. said...

I know how you feel...kinda. I'm nervous about the WLS surgery and going under. It's like..."will I wake up?!?"

I'm glad you finally got this figured out though.

Trish said...

I wouldn't be surprised if all those preadmission blood tests include some for liver function. So if you pass with flying colors, that's one less thing to worry about.

At least you can stop having those miserable sore throats.

Back in the dark ages when I had my tonsils out, they used to bribe little kids with "all the ice cream you want". Then you woke up the next morning and some mean nurse tried to make you eat Cream of Wheat. Something small to be grateful for...you probably won't get that kind of abuse.

Michelle said...

I like the new layout of your blog. Just dropping by to see whats new! Wow a lot is new! Just hang in there! You are braver than I am with the surgery!

AnxiousAnnie said...

You will be fine... i promise..