Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thank You, Mass Media

I don’t know what the symptoms of Tuberculosis are, but I’ve officially got it. (The deadliest strain, I’m sure). I coughed up phlegm this morning, I feel like I’ve got a ball in my throat, my lungs are burning, and there’s a faint whistling noise when I breathe through my nose.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this all stems from the daunting press conferences I watched on CNN while getting ready for work this morning. Seems like all I took away from the footage was, TB dude is young, he is going to die, and he spread the disease to who knows how many innocent bystanders before he was quarantined. Oh, I also I think I heard the nifty little fact that two million people die from TB every year.

My symptoms are rapidly progressing as I type. My breathing is so shallow I’m dizzy. I don’t know how much longer I can resist the urge to google.


Anonymous said...

This stinkin' guy with the TB! And of course I have to fly on Monday, which I am sure will be my last flight ever. I will return home, infect the family, be quarantined and die. ;)
Of course, nobody would really rush to Houston to be saved from TB would they? Let's hope not!
I should also mention I HATE flying... I can't exactly take the amount of Xanex I would like to, considering I have to work shortly after arriving.
Ahh.. The stress of it all, which I am sure has weakened my immune system so I will definitly be more susceptible to the TB being coughed upon me..

Leila V. said...

lol! I seriously think this guy should be prosecuted. I don't envy you, it's bad enough worrying about a plane crash; the TB scare is just the icing on the cake. Good luck. I'd recommend throwing down a few drinks with that Xanex! Blame your intoxication on the TB. ;)

Sean said...

Xanex and alcohol definitely don't mix... as for TB, I teach (when the powers that be allow me to) and there are days when the class sounds liek a frickin' TB ward. There are coughs left and right. I think TB is all but non existent in North America. There's nothing to worry about. Plus, communicable diseases are the most fun.

Debaser said...

Tuberculosis still exists in N.America, but it's fairly rare. Usually only old people get it I think. As an anxiety person I've been trying to avoid the news on this particular story, but I kind of do want to know how the hell this guy picked up such a virulent strain.

Anyway, fun blog to read. I always enjoy your writing, Leila.

Barbora said...

"TB Man" looks so young and healthy, doesn't he? Definitely someone I would have chatted-up in business class. Aargh!

Leila V. said...

I must disagree, alcohol goes good with everything.

Thanks. I wish I could avoid the news, but my lovely and all knowing boyfriend is a news junkie. He just doesn't understand.

He does look healthy! Luckily for me, my social anxiety keeps me from chatting anyone up.