Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stop Me Now

I woke up this morning to what felt like my right eye being ripped from my skull. (A fairly mild sensation compared to the pain I’m enduring now.)

My eye is still in its socket, but I don’t dare to even think about moving it from anywhere but front and center. If I do, (and believe me, I don’t), I’m jolted by an intense aching pain that reverberates through my soul.

While I’m somewhat calm now, I’m wholly convinced that I’ve got a tumor on my optic nerve. The tendon behind my eye feels like an old rubber band being stretched beyond its reach. I can’t help but think I’m on the verge of blindness at any give second.

If this continues, I’ll be at my eye doctor’s office by the end of tomorrow. But in the meantime, I’m distracting myself with my latest victim, the pot belly pig. He seems like the perfect pet. Intelligent, clean (contrary to popular belief), and adorable.

If I make it to the weekend without loosing my vision, that piggy is mine!


Sean said...

Eek! I hate pork! Yuck, yuck, yuck.

As for your eyesight... why would you go blind, you've got two eyes!

I know, I'm not helping, but it's just vision. Who cares all that much about seeing things anyways? I once saw a fat naked man playing basketball... or is that what I tell my self during the sexy time to prolong the encounter?

Anyways, not all that glitters is gold and so on and so forth.

I'm sorry if it appears like I'm patronizing you. I really don't mean to be mean. I'm an idiot. And your reaction could easily be stress. Have you been under a lot of stress lately Leila? Have I been living under a rock? Man, do I wish I could live under a rock!

Addie said...

Hiya! I've had that *exact* thing. It sounds like you pulled a muscle around your eye. I have no idea how this happens but I am very familiar with the sensation. It hurts when you move your eye but not when your eye is stationary, right? I never realized how many times I roll my eyes everyday until it hurt to do so. Hang in there! If you experience any vision problems I'd go to the eye doctor asap, but if it's just (I know...there's no such thing as just) pain, take ibuprofin. Keep us updated!!!

Leila V. said...

How could you hate pork? They're cute and tasty, (not that I'd eat my pet or anything).

And no, your not helping, I now have the image of a naked fat man playing basketball in my head! lol.

I don't even want to know how you pull an eye muscle. Luckily, it's feeling better today, still sore, but better. I'm beginning to think the pain might be caused by not wearing my glasses the last couple weeks. That diagnosis isn't as sexy, but sounds a little more reasonable than tumor of the optic nerve...

Barbora said...

BF says "cool!" at least you have many tasty options if you decide you're just not a "pig person."

I think the cat would approve.