Sunday, March 04, 2007

She's Alive

Believe it or not, I’m just now coming into consciousness after the hangover of the millennium. This is very disturbing. I hardly think that a whole day of recovery from two Corona Lights and four Grey Goose martinis is normal. This leads me to believe that my liver or kidney, or some other organ that is responsible for filtering toxins, is not working properly. My Cirrhosis kicking in, maybe?


Barbora said...

Hangovers are kind of mystery, aren’t they. There have been times that I’ve been surprised that I’ve gotten sick at all and other times, when I truly deserved a hangover that I was just fine. Go figure?

I think there are probably lots of factors that contribute to this, things like what you ate that day, how well rested you are and how much you smoke. One of my worst hangovers of all time involved Slivovitz and a cigar.

I’m glad you’re finally feeling better!

Leila V. said...


I think hangovers are especially scary for hypos. In my waking hours all I could think was organ failure.

Not that I learned my lesson though, as I'm on my second glass of Chardonnay now. ;)

Cigars, eh?

Beana said...

That many drinks would KILL me (hang over wise)! I dont drink that often (pothead) but...if you didnt drink enough water that day, that could be why...
Hangout is just dehydration. Drink a bottle of water before bed next time?

A thought, My Dad almost died from the age of 46ish...
He drank since he was 13 and by the time it was making him sick, he was ALWAYS drunk on Jack Daniels.. like a bottle a takes a lot..

and he stopped drinking, lived and is HEALTHIER then ever!


Leila V. said...

I could've used that advice last night!