Tuesday, March 13, 2007


There’s nothing like a good hangover to make you appreciate a regular day. Which is why my morning was so great. I say morning, because after lunch, my newfound contentment began to fade.

Mid-afternoon, I became suddenly aware that my lymph node was hard. Not swollen, as it sometimes gets, but hard, like I had a golf ball lodged in my neck. I panicked. My hands were dripping and uncontrollably shaking as the diagnosis played out in my mind.

“Six months at most,” the doctor told me, as I tried to remain calm.

“You’re lymph nodes are shot. The Lymphoma is in a very progressed stage.”

I fast forward through the failed chemo treatments, to find myself in a dark room. Bald. Full of disbelief and regret. I sulk to myself, wondering why I refused to take advantage of life when I still had the chance....

Then, just as quickly as the flood of thoughts began, they stopped. I realized that my lymph node wasn’t hard at all. Not even swollen. And as I popped a sweet and sour prune into my mouth, (yes, you read that right), I felt a sharp pain in my left canine tooth.

“Exposed nerve,” I thought, as I saw myself in the dentist's chair…


Lacy said...

speaking of exposed nerves...I think I have a hard core abcess. I'm in like, the most pain I've ever been in. For real. Off to the dentist today...

pray I don't have to have all my teeth yanked and look like a billy bob!

Bea said...

If its any consolation I am having a heart attack right now and it's totally preventing me for doing me work!

=( hope your teeth are ok!

tl23 said...

Now there's a coincidence; I'm not getting any work done because of the blood clot in the back of my leg. Honestly, it's always something (in my case, usually blood-clot related, unless, of course, it's cancer).

I will be interested to hear which of us actually have something wrong. Good luck at the dentist, Lacy. You too, Leila, if that's where you end up.


Leila V. said...

Oooh, that sucks, good luck. Although, you never know, you might be cute as a billy bob. ;)

Trish & Bea:
I think I see a common denominator between the three of us, we all don't want to work!