Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Another Monday in Hangover Hell

I don’t think there’s anything worse than throwing up in a public bathroom. The horror of putting your face where countless others do their business is humiliating. And throwing up while standing is bad enough, but add to that equation the “public bathroom silent heave,” while avoiding all contact and you've got quite the production. Something I might even laugh at, if it wasn't me doing the dance.

On the bright side, I hung out with a “friend” last night—by hung out, I mean we collectively drank 5 bottles of wine—something I haven’t done in over four years, (hang out, not drink 5 bottles of wine).

This time I’m serious. I am NEVER drinking again. At least not until the weekend.


Barbora said...

The very worst occasion for me (when I was uggh…. say 19?) was when I was up partying all night before a flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix.

First, I passed out and missed my connection.

Then while wandering aimlessly in the wrong airport, I couldn’t make it to the nasty, horrible restroom!

I stopped, as gracefully and casually as I could, faced one of the walls just past one of the gates, set down my bags on each side and…vomited against the wall…picked up my bags and just went walking.

I would not recommend this for anyone else.

Beana said...

Ew I hate that!

Thanks for your comment! I LOVE your blog it was like someone famous wrote me. LOL I know I am a dork! Your blog is what got my thinking about blogs again and wanting to like them (hence the question I posted) because I LOVE yours. I was actually searching hypochondria on the web, and googled some phrase that made your blog come up! I even stole your "confessions of" I think its cleaver.

Quit smoking...Mmmm...I did, but it made me more stressed which made me more crazy, then I used to smoke A LOT which made me break down when i was really "out of it" have a happy medium in which I smoke a little to free comfortable...its working now..but thanks so much for your insight! Drinking is what I am working on right now. I actually only drink like one bottle a week,but I feel like EVERY night I want to run out and get a bottle..

Well thanks again from Boston!!


Leila V. said...

I stand corrected, that beats puking in a public bathroom any day!

Thanks for the positive feedback! You're much too kind.

I'm envious of the comfortable medium you claim to have found, in my life it's always all or nothing! Good luck on the drinking, I'm right there with you...

Anonymous said...

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