Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nah, It Never Happens

People in their twenties never drop dead out of the blue. It certainly didn't happen to Denver Broncos running back Damien Nash yesterday!

"'Everything was normal...He was fine'...'He had a big smile on his face, there was no indication.'"

Famous last words. How do these stories keep finding me?


Lacy said...

I just read the article.
It does make you pause and wonder what the heck is going on there...

That's obviously why it makes the news's so rare. 20 somethings don't just collapse for no reason. 80 somethings-but not 20 somethings.

At least, that's what I keep repeating in my mind.

Barbora said...

It's tragic of course.

It seems athletes have been known to just drop dead from time to time.

“…Now you will not see the rout
Of lads who wore their honors out,
Runners whom renown outran
And the name died before the man…”

To An Athlete Dying Young
by A. E. Housman (1859-1936)

In a way I think it might be better to go quickly (albeit not at 22, or in my case 43) than to have a long and painful decline.

Also, Lacy is right. It makes the news because it is rare.

Leila V. said...

Points well taken. But I'm still not convinced I won't be the exception, (even if I'm not an athlete).

Lacy said...

Barbora-LOVE that you quoted that poem....

tl23 said...

I'm with Barbora on both counts-1)he was the exception, and 2)at least he went quick. And, yes, I know that sounds morbid, but I'm in one of those funks where if one thing doesn't get me, the next one will.

Had the cardiac cath yesterday--completely negative, but the aftereffects are driving me up the wall, and now I'm busy worrying about bad consequences of what was essentially an unnecessary test which most people wouldn't have decided to have.

A similar guilt loop to yours, Leila (damned if you do, damned if you don't). It would be nice to make a decision that didn't involve wondering, what will I be mad at myself for afterward, wouldn't it?

Kudos to you for tackling it young. I hope you work your way through it to the happiness you deserve. Meanwhile, you have lots of company out here.


Leila V. said...

In theory, going quick sounds good. But I’m terrified of death, so quick or slow, it’s all the same to me...

Glad to hear the results were negative! That’s great news! I can totally understand worrying about the side effects, and it’s easy for me to say, but I have to believe your doctor wouldn’t have allowed you force yourself into the test if it was that risky.

And Yes, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but WE definitely do have a lot of company out here.

tl23 said...

Leila: "In theory, going quick sounds good. But I’m terrified of death, so quick or slow, it’s all the same to me..."

Yeah, it's all scary. Speaking of which, sometimes I wonder if this whole worsening of chronic chest/back/shoulder pain was brought on by the Six Feet Under marathon we did in January. Don't really think so, working on an alternate medical theory.....but it's a thought.

Anyway, thanks for the reassurance.

Is your left side-sided wierdness any better? Have you had it checked out? Trish

Leila V. said...

lol! Anytime I watch a war movie or a show centered on illness/violence it sets me off!

I'm mostly being plagued by this toothache now. I hate going to the dentist cause they're such crooks, but I think I'm on the brink...