Friday, February 09, 2007

I Am Normal

According to this article, anxiety is now the most common mental health problem. The weird thing is that while I have an entire blog dedicated to my "issues," it still stings to think I have a mental health problem. But, I do and I'm happy to know I'm not alone.

Here's the most interesting piece of the article:

Recent research indicates that as early as 4 months of age scientists can predict an anxiety disorder by age 7. In studies, those babies who had strong reactions to unfamiliar sounds and lights typically developed anxiety as children. Parents who helped their babies to either cope with or ignore the overstimulation had children less likely to develop anxiety. Parents who helped their children avoid the overstimulation had children more likely to develop anxiety.

Hmmm. I’m not sure if this counts, but as a child, The Beast would use fear tactics to control my behavior. For example, if we were out shopping and I was walking along minding my business, she would look at me and say (with all seriousness in her eyes), “don’t wander off, or you’ll get kidnapped, raped and murdered.”

Or, for example, if she only wanted me to play in a certain part of the neighborhood, she would inform me of the boundaries by saying, “you see that blue house? Don’t go past it, or you’ll get kidnapped, raped and murdered!” Probably not the best way to raise a child. But then again I’m not a mother, just a product, so what do I know?

And funny you ask, because I do know that I'm still afraid of being kidnapped, raped and murdered! It’s hard for me to be home alone for any length of time; I’m talking fifteen minutes.

But, of course, there is always the bright side, anxious people are geniuses:

Ironically, it is these same personality traits that make many anxious people overachievers, both as children and adults. Anxious people tend to be cooperative, good students or employees and diligent workers.

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