Monday, February 19, 2007

Do Your Duty

It has just been brought to my attention that I have been slacking on my duty to check the FDA website on a daily basis. Tons of products are being recalled everyday, right under our noses. Recalled for defects like, oh I don’t know…salmonella infestation!

These recalls aren’t even being covered on the news! CNN has much more important stories to report, like the newest claim to Anna Nicole’s baby and Britney’s shaved head.

So, as I was sitting down to take a bite out of my beloved PB&J, I just happened to stumble upon the news that Peter Pan peanut butter was recalled! Now granted, I’m all about Skippy’s Super Chunk, and don’t eat that brand, but come on people! I’ve had the news on all day and haven’t heard a peep.

Three words—FDA.


Barbora said...

Wow! You are prolific! You write faster than I think : )

Back to your discovery of cigarettes being the cause of the nosebleeds, that’s really priceless!!!

As someone who has health rituals, contamination issues and fears of all things threatening to my well-being. I can understand your smoking (and in my case, being overweight)! assures me these are the primary areas of risk, yet it’s the more exotic diseases I fear most. Mad Cow, Bird Flu, Cancer and HIV, etc. (If you’re reading this comment, I assume you’ve already visited Death Clock. If not, DON’T. You can literally, LIVE without it).

I quit smoking about four years ago around the time of my first “unnecessary” biopsy, but still pick one up on occasion (especially since we started the process of moving last summer). I’ve been having one or two almost every night now down in my moldy
basement (where, may I add, we have not yet tested for radon - Ee-gads!).

Barbora said...

I am so, so, so very sorry!!

I didn't mean to make my whole comment a link to that horrible Death Clock! I really need to pull out my HTML book and brush up!

Mea Culpa!

dave said...


I'm writing you this letter to inform you that we must break up. For I am a "Jif Creamy" and you, alas, are a Skippy Super Chunk. It could never work. Our families, nay, the world, would never allow it.

For now, my love, I must bid you farewell and hope that, some day, you accidentally run your peanut butter through a food processor and realize that we were meant to be together.

Parting is such chunky sorrow...

Jenni said...

lol at the comment above lol. But anyway.... I heard about it the other day and I usually buy the wal mart brand and it had the number on it that was recalled... and to top it off it was half gone!!!!!! I paniced a little and then realized that we would have already been sick. SO that didnt last long lol but yeah it as scary! I will have to visit that web site. Hope your not working so hard anymore ttyl.

Leila V. said...

Alas, I believe you are right. There are two types of people in this world – those who eat creamy and those who eat chunky. The Jiffy brand, I could overlook. But, creamy? The horror.


All I have to say is holy fucking crap! I would still be in the emergency room now if I was you!


Thanks, I’ve already started planning my funeral.