Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have no interest in anything anymore. Not my blog, (as you can see). Not exercise. Not work. Not alcohol. Not food. Okay food, but only Mexican. And TV too, but just the Six Feet Under series, (of which I’ve watched more than forty hours in the last week, so I’m more like obsessed than interested, but who’s counting).

On the hypochondria front, I’ve been battling bowel cancer, but I’ll spare you the details. Also currently on the list are: impending liver failure, heart problems, imminent death by anesthesia, and brain tumor. I wish I could elaborate, but with two seasons of Six Feet Under to go, who has time for death?


Lacy H. said...

...speaking of six feet under, isn't it brilliant? I love that show, but haven't gotten to watch too much of it. Who's the redhead? I LOVE her character.

AnxiousAnnie said...

I feel the same.. so blah... and its funny you say this.. im like this with the sopranos.. i have all of the seasons and have watched them all lke 29384389 times. Its good to have something to get your mind off of shit, but i cant watch 6 feet under,... too much death for me. does that not fuel your hypo?

Leila V. said...

I’m absolutely hooked! Claire, the redhead, is one of my favorites, (but the whole cast is so good it’s hard choose one over the other). You have to rent the complete series when you get a chance!

The first couple episodes left me a little freaked out, but now, I’m so consumed in the story lines and characters that the death doesn’t bother me at all. Oddly enough, seeing the death in conjunction with the continuity of life has calmed my inner hypochondriac. I’m thinking Sopranos may be next on my list, (I’ve never even seen an episode).

Addie said...

I got head over heels obsessed with Six Feet Under a few years ago, when only seasons 1 and 2 were out on DVD (I don't get HBO). I finished the DVDS, whined a LOT, whined some more...time passed, no new seasons on DVD, got addicted to Stargate SG1 (who updates their DVD seasons in a TIMELY fashion) and never looked back. Is it worth revisiting? Better yet, when you're done with the series, let me know if it was worth watching in its entirety. Please :O) Oh and if you want to be glued to your couch for another month, watch Stargate. 10 seasons. Yipes, I sound like a geek.

Leila V. said...

You HAVE to watch the entire series! It’s awesome. I’m on season four now and starting to worry about what I'll do with myself when it’s over, so I’ll definitely check out Stargate. Ten seasons of Sci-Fi is right up my alley!

Debaser said...

You and I are kind of in the same place, as you mentioned before. Only baseball has been my Six Feet Under. I'm a baseball dork. It's the only sport I like.

Anyway, I think it's good you're laying off the drinking. Bowel cancer, though? I seriously doubt that. But slowing down on the drinking will help your anxiety problems in the long run, and it will also open up some treatment options should you decide to go that way.