Wednesday, August 15, 2007

These Thumbs Were Made for Video Games

I’d love to sit here and bore the world with more thoughts on my surgery, and my recently developed ear infections and deafness, but I went to the driving range last night, which means my thumb looks like this:

Apparently, I thought that giving the golf club the death grip would make me a pro golfer. It didn’t.


Addie said...

Ouch! Woman, when you play golf you really play hard, huh? Best wishes to your thumb on a speedy recovery...

Lacy H. said...

Oh my gosh...are you kidding me?

AnxiousAnnie said...

owww.. damn... taking out some agressions there.. how does your shoulder feel?

Nikole said...

Leila -
Just make sure you have the nurse make note of that injury on your thumb when they ask you 500 questions pre-surgery! You know, so they can narrow down that path of entry of the staph infection ;)!
I love the countdown ticker! Funny!

Leila V. said...

Not funny, Nikole, not funny.

I had to show up Rey, what can I say, I'm too competitive for my own good.

Shoulders, arms and back all feel exactly like the thumb looks. I must have more aggression than I realized.

I wish I was, never go to the driving range without a glove!

whistlingbarbora said...

I didn't know you played golf. That is one painful looking thumb.


Barbora said...

Hey Leila!

Good luck tomorrow. You’re a strong, healthy, young girl…I’m absolutely certain you’re going to be just FINE.

Even so, you’re in my thoughts and prayers! I know I’d be freaked out…sitting on the edge of the bed, full of abject fear, starring off into space, thoroughly useless, if it were me.

I look forward to your triumphant, post-op blog!

Cheers –