Monday, June 25, 2007

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

I’ve come to the realization that fish sticks and mac-n-cheese may be my last dinner. I’d prefer something more along the lines of filet mignon and lobster, but life didn’t quite serve that up for me.

I’m having a severe allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. I’m certain liver failure will set in before morning. My symptoms have steadily progressed with each pink pill I’ve solemnly choked down.

The intense aching pain that resonates through the core of my body is unbearable. The perpetual sensation of being punched in the bread basket never ceases. I’m dizzy. Disoriented.

I can barely breathe.

I can’t shake the feeling that as soon as I close my eyes for bed I’m done, finis. But I’m a fighter, and fish sticks and mac-n-cheese are not how I’m going out.


Addie said...

This is a gross question, but you're not having severe diarrhea or bloody stools are you? Because these along with the stomach pain/cramps (if this is what you've got) could be something to get checked out. I might just be fueling the fire here, but better safe than sorry. Are you taking the meds with plenty of food? Also keep in mind that severe stomach upset can be caused by anxiety. I know this very well. The potential side effects make me so anxious that my stomach freaks out. I hope you get to feeling better soon, hun. At least you're almost done with the antibiotics?
Hang in there,

Leila V. said...


If I had those symptoms, I'd be at the emergency room in a heart beat! It’s probably just anxiety. I’ve had a full plate lately, (strep throat, house guests, wedding next weekend and a visit to the beast the week after). On top of that I’ve been the only support staff at my office for the past week. Stress is a bitch, but at least I made it through the night! Burritos for dinner it is!

Addie said...

Gosh I wish my tummy would let me eat burritos. Anxiety sucks.
Hope you feel better and live through the encounter with the beast! Watch a few episodes of 'Buffy' before you go so you can brush up on your demon fighting skills :O)

Sean said...

I'm thinking the the fish sticks and mac n cheese is the dinner of majesty. Why would I would filet of evil red meat and cockroach of the sea as a last meal? Ppfffftttt, you're kidding right? You've got a meal that'd be the envy of Racheal Ray even. And it prolly cost you less than 2 bucks!

Leila V. said...

2 bucks, more like a buck-fifty.