Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If a Hypochondriac Gets Sick, is She Still a Hypochondriac?

After last night's mini-breakdown, I ended up in the hospital this morning with puss gushing out of my throat. And it’s been confirmed, I’ve got strep, (for the third time within a year). But, that’s not all, I was also informed that I need my tonsils removed. As in they’re going to cut part of my throat out.

I’m not supposed to drink with the amoxicillin they prescribed, but I don’t think I can restrain myself. Hopefully, I don’t die.


Lacy said...

awww, leila. :( Yuck and a half....

I'm sorry you are so sick dahlin.
Get better soon.

Addie said...

I'll echo what Lacy said and add that getting your tonsils out is not a big deal in the grand scheme of 'things you could have surgically removed'. This likely won't make you feel that much better, but any teeny bit helps! I hope you're feeling better soon! (and follow the doctor's orders about the will reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotics and increase the likelihood that you'll get strep again!)
Take care,

Heather G said...

yewww, pus. You can bore everyone with your surgery stories now.

Sean said...

So does that mean the trip to Idaho is



Leila V. said...

You sound like you're looking forward to it, I'll make them extra boring just for you.

I like the way you think, but unfortunately no such luck.

Maybe that's why it keeps coming back...