Monday, January 08, 2007


Need a shoulder to cry worry on? You're in luck! For the very low price of $1.99 per minute (first five minutes free, of course) you can talk to a professional worrier, who will put your mind at ease. Allegedly.

According to The Worry Club CEO—and no I didn’t make that up—here are a few reasons you should call:

You worry about things that you recognize most people do not worry about (such as little things around your home).

You find it very difficult to stop worrying, and cannot relax as a result.

Your worry rarely results in your reaching a possible solution for a particular problem.

You worry about not being worried, or worry when everything is going well in your life.

You worry about relationships, family or friends.

You worry and have stress related to work.

At first I was skeptical, but then I read this:

The point is, we actually save you money. No driving to find a local free therapist or community service organization, no traffic, no paper work, insurance forms, private and confidential, helpful and available 27/7. (that is not a typo).

Lets face it, your stress and worries is making your life hard, and it affects your life and those around you. For just a few dollars, you can speak to a professional that can help make your life more manageable, help you feel better and offer you a neutral ear to help you regain your life.

I guess it can't be a rip off if they're saving me money! For the record, the term professional is being used fast and loose here. Bonnie, the CEO, has a B.S. in psychology, but the other professional worriers have degrees in mathematics, sports medicine, biology, business administration and marketing.

Oh wait, I've got an idea, email me your worries and diseases, plus the low amount of $50, and I'll take them on as my very own for the entire year! On the other hand, if you prefer the professionals, they can be reached here or at 1-866-WORRY4U.


CffShpGrl said...

I this like the NEW Phone sex business? For $1.99 you can talk to someone who I am in the wrong business. Too bad they can't spell. I wonder how many papers they had to write in school.

Anonymous said...

I actually did call them. I found it to be really helpful and better then you may have thought. I spoke to Bonnie, she has a master degree as well and the way she spoke with me and helped me feel better was really well worth it. I know it is easy to make fun of such things, but do not until you have tried it. The Worry club help line has been acknowledged by many radio and news papers as well as I read all those I found on the site before calling. Hey, I had some issues and I got that what is really more important