Thursday, May 15, 2008

With All Due Respect

In a world where I drink my cup of coffee over a headline that reads, “9-year-old girl's twin is found inside her stomach,” hypochondria is the only rational response.


Anonymous said...

UGH! Where'd you find that one? Heebeejeebies here.


Leila V. said...

Tell me about it, I'm like a magnet! But isn't it the kicker that she went to the hospital with "stomach pains."

A stomach ache will never be the same...

Lacy said...

ooh, leila dahling...hearing from you made my day!

I seem to be *mostly* cured of my panic/hypo-ness. actually, maybe entirely.

but get this...I've been off my paxil for nearing four months now, and still no panic attacks. I'm wondering if/when one will hit me out of the blue.

especially with all my post surgical health alertness, I am hyper curious as to when the ball will drop...praying it shan't!