Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Close Encounter

According to plan, I should be at my doctor’s office right about now, getting a shot of the HPV vaccination by a bitchy Filipino nurse named Joan. Instead, I’m sitting here choking on the generic aspirin I swallowed over an hour ago and thanking the good lord that I stumbled across the truth about the vaccine in time.

I was originally scheduled for the shot last Friday, as a twofer with my ringworm—which actually isn’t ringworm—checkup, but God is good, and they were out of the deadly serum.

Their shipment arrived the following Monday and I naively rescheduled my appointment with death for today. I carried on about my business throughout the week and nonchalantly mentioned the shot to Rey on Wednesday. “Are you nervous?” he asked.

Nervous! I couldn’t believe it. Why—aside from the fact that I’m always nervous—would I be nervous? I was overjoyed! I was essentially getting the closest thing to a cancer vaccine. Or so my doctor had led me to believe.

Rey’s words stuck with me through that night and into the next day, and finally on Thursday evening (less than a day before my appointment), I—cue scary music—googled the vaccine.

“Deaths Associated with HPV Vaccine Start Rolling In” was all I needed to see. My innocence was gone and I knew, before I followed the link, that that bitchy nurse wasn’t getting anywhere near me. Before I blacked out, words like blood clot, heart problems, paralysis, and seizures were strewn across my screen.

I awoke this morning with one thought in my mind; to cancel that appointment. And that’s exactly what I did, (then followed it up with a false promise to reschedule next week).


Miss A said...

I'm so very confused by this vaccine. In the UK I'm lead to believe you can only have the vaccine if you're under the age of twelve.

Do you have the link the the 'death by vaccine' site??

Leila V. said...

In the states the cut off is 26. My doctor said that realistically women of all ages should receive the vaccine, but because the FDA study only included women under 26 that's the age limit.

The death site is:

It's all in my head.... hopefully. said...

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, this vaccine could all but eliminate cervical cancer. That's incredible. On the other, it's so new that it makes me very uncomfortable. Who knows what the long term effects will be on vaccinated women and/or their future children. I'd feel much more comfortable getting it fifteen or twenty years from now once all the potential side effects were known. If I were in the recommended age category I'd probably get it, but it'd be a very tough call. It'd be an even tougher call considering what you found. Important topic. Excellent post.

Jobthingy said...

i am with 'its all in my head..' its just too new to be throwing our daughters into getting when we really dont know anything about it.

now.. it wasnt ringworm? what the hell is/was it?

The Maven said...

They're really pushing this vaccine. The commercials are on every channel. I'm also torn... Do the risks outweigh the cons? Hard to say. All I know is that I'm too old to get it and my children don't have cervices.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't ringworm, what was it?

Leila V. said...

You guys have convinced me that I am absolutely not getting that shot! I can't believe I even considered it. My doctor was so good at upselling it, I didn't even think twice. I now know to consult the blog.

No idea what the "ringworm" is, just that it's not ringworm or cancer. Some rogue parasite I guess.

Michelle said...

Hi Leila long time no see! I have to admit I would never get that vaccine. I think the only one who benefits is the drug companies.