Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And I'm the Crazy One

It was an ordinary day as I fell out of bed this morning grumbling to Rey about the nightmares that stalked me through the night. Elevators were the subject. Not uncommon. Not terribly exciting. Just the typical forget to push your floor, end up on the 12th, crash to your death.

So, I headed off to work and arrived five minutes early—only because my supervisor was in town—to encounter an elevator maintenance crew in the lobby of my building. Coincidence, I thought.

But apparently, I thought wrong, because upon entering the elevator, the following conversation ensued:

“I don’t like to see those guys working on the elevators”

“Neither do I.”

“You know, the elevator to the right of us fell yesterday.”

“Are you kidding!?!”

“No! One of our attorneys was riding it down. It only fell one floor and he wasn’t hurt, but he was pissed off!”

This is where I exited the death ride. Am I the only one who knows the meaning of foreshadowing? Stairs are in my near future.


Addie said...

I don't blame you one bit after hearing that! Stairs are good for you anyway, right? I'm glad you survived your cancer yesterday, I was worried. I'm personally having a mild heart attack this morning, but I'm sure it will have cleared up by lunch.
Take care,

Debaser said...

Crazy. The elevators are ALWAYS being worked on in my building. I only live on the sixth floor, but if the car were to let go I'm sure it would be a ride straight to hell.

I'm not walking up six floors, though. Not with all the shit I carry around.


Lacy H. said...

This is insanely coincidental...because I went into work today for a few, to grab something, and Leila, I swear to you I thought I was about to die. Our elevator LURCHED like a bad it's never done before...I almost PASSED OUT.

It doesn't help the elevator next to the one I took is being worked on and is out of order and has been all friggin' week long. I swear...

No more elevator for a LONG time. I'm taking the five flights.

Sean said...

Wow! Wanna talk coincidence... In February of this year, my friend who was a elevator maintainance and repair guy died in a fiery car crash. I mean, has nothing to do with your unfounded fears of elevators, but I thought I'd add some fodder to the fray. In truth, this unfortunate thing is real. But I'm also being completely facetious on the "coincidence" thing. It's NOT coincidence, it's not fate, it's just something that happened on February 19th, 2007. Just saying is all.

Sean out!