Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fifteen Things That Freak Me Out

  1. Aches
  2. Pains
  3. Aches & Pains
  4. My Mom
  5. Surprise Visits
  6. Flying
  7. Questions
  8. People Calling My House
  9. Elevators
  10. Knocking at the Door
  11. Vents in the Bathroom
  12. My Neighbors
  13. Drinks with Co-Workers
  14. Getting Water at Night
  15. Food from Other Peoples' Houses

Wow, this list doesn't really do much for my reputation. I swear I'm not a bad person to be around, I'm actually quite pleasant, (if you don't call me, ask me questions, knock at my door, or invite me to go somewhere).


Danielle said...

Your list doesn't make you sound like a bad person at all. Infact, it makes you an easy to relate to human being. I have found that so many people who have health anxiety issues (like myself) are the most sensitive loving people you'll ever find.

Leila V. said...

Well, I'm definitely sensitive. Loving, I'm not so sure about..

Lacy said...

Yo! You are officially linked to my site, JUST because you are so delightfully hypo like me...*wink!