Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Call Me Twitchy

Bad News: My left eye has been incessantly and wildly twitching!

I looked up “eye twitch” online, and I’m apparently suffering from Epilepsy and mild seizures – (good old WebMD). But, I’m trying to be rational, so, I’m dismissing that suggestion and attributing it to something more realistic. I’ve determined that the twitch is being caused by a reckless weekend, that involved too much alcohol, which resulted in severe damage to the nerve pathways in my brain that control this damn eye!

This is not good, I’ll keep you posted...


Lacy said...

L-I totally thought I was doomed to a death of ALS when I started twitching all over. Turns out, I'm just twitchy. Lo and behold!
love to ya! Lacy

Danielle said...

Eye twitching is commonly due to dehydration. Considering you had been drinking I think you just need water. I've freaked out about the same thing before.