Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Exit Tonsillitis, Enter Acid Reflux

Now that Acid Reflux has been brought to my attention as a potential cause for the never-ending sore throat, that I previously diagnosed as Tonsiliitis, I've got a full blown case. I can't even enjoy my nightly glass(es) of wine anymore, and have been forced to substitute for water and berry flavored Tums. Even though I haven't had a chance to explore the symptoms on medline yet, I have a list of my own.

I can actually feel the acid bubbling in my esophagus begging me to gag it up, and anytime I drink alcohol, I get intense heartburn. I have gas pains in my sides and chest, shortness of breath, and of course the constant swollen and sore throat.
I must admit I'm somewhat relieved, considering Acid Reflux isn't deadly, at least not that I know of yet.


Anonymous said...

Great site! Well I must agree that acid reflux is much better than tonsilitis. I have been battling acid reflux for about two years. I would get indigestion so bad that I thought I was having heart attacks. Luckily I never rushed to the emergency room althought I did pop a ton of asprin and make my first doctors appointment in years. Walking regularly (and tums) really helped me with my problem.

Fotini said...

Hello! I just found your blog after reading about being a hypochondriac on Wikipedia and I just wanted to tell you I can see a huge part of myself in what you're writing!

I constantly have the fear I'm dying as well, looking up symptoms and identifying them in my body as well. Each headache and migraine I get have me searching the web for cancer symptoms - that is the days I'm not feeling weak and tired, when I end up reading about heart disease symptoms. It's a harsh thing we're doing to ourselves, isn't it?

I'm glad to see you can identify that's actually scenarios you're working out in your head and you can see the problem. So just wanted to let you know you're not the only one there! What I try to do is get a full day of as much as I can do - that leaves me little or no time to think about my stupid hypochondriac issues. Have fun and avoid stress - big keys to feel healthy and happy!

All my best wishes - don't be afraid dear.

Lacy said...

Hey there! I have a blogspot now. :)

Hope you are well!


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Anonymous said...

Acid Reflux can lead to Cancer of the Esophagus