Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nothing Exciting

It’s been mostly a mellow week, no serious deaths. I had a few pains in the head that I thought might be aneurisms but none panned out, and my lip keeps splitting at night. I’m trying to convince myself that my mouth won’t be deformed from scar tissue down the road but it’s not working, I'm obsessed.

I woke up Monday morning with a horrible sore throat. I didn’t go to work. My throat’s still sore but I’ve been pretty good about not blowing it out of proportion. I thought for a minute it might be bird flu but now I’m mostly concerned about having to get my tonsils removed. I won’t let them do it, I don’t trust the doctors in this town.

This afternoon I started to have a bad pain in my right elbow. Every time I extend or flex, I get this sharp shooting pain like a pinched nerve. Rey thinks I'm making it up but it hurts really bad. I feel like I need a splint. I haven't done anything to hurt it, but the pain is real. I'm nervous about going out to drinks on Monday but don't think that's the cause; usually I get a life threatening illness if I'm trying to get out of an event.

Off to WebMD...

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