Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fuck the Patriots


Fuck you, Tom Brady! And FUCK YOU, Randy Moss! Punk ass little bitches!

Pardon the language, I think I've developed tourette's.


Anonymous said...

Fuck the number one and two assholes in New England-- Bill the cameraman Belichick and the leader with all of the money Mr. Kraft Cheese. Fuck Tom the pretty boy, fuck nappy head losser can't find a team Moss, fuck over the hill Teady and Junior and fuck the whole want a dynasty Patriots. You lose!!! You cheated!!! Go fuck your self and all of your Joke of a football team. A real dynasty like the Steelers, 49 Niners, Cowboys don't need to cheat. You will never ever be in there league and all of your Super Bowl "wins" will have the Berry Bonds of football "*"

Dustin said...

Well, I lost a hundred bucks on that game. I picked the Pats to win by 20 and I'll be damned if they went and lost the whole thing.

I should stick to beisbol.