Sunday, February 10, 2008

Forgive me, Father

I’ve committed the ultimate hypochondriac sin; violated the sanctity of all things hypo and chondriac; I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy. And I haven’t just “watched” Grey’s Anatomy, as in I stumbled across an episode on regular TV and indulged in the morbidity for an hour, no! No, what I did is far worse; I raided the local Blockbuster, and obsessively watched over sixty straight episodes.

And now, thanks to my gluttony, and despite the fact that I had an unremarkable pap smear just under a month ago, I’m wholly convinced that an aggressive form of cancer has infiltrated my female organs.

I blame Richard’s niece, who at seventeen is practically dead from the same affliction, and the Amish girl, who at no more than twenty had a massive tumor protruding from her nether regions.

But the blame does not rest solely on Grey’s shoulders; The Beast is also at fault (as she always is). We all know genetics play a role in one’s health, and guess whose mother had an ovarian cyst the size of a football when she was only a teen. Yep, that would be me. And guess whose brother has a rare form of cancer that only sixteen other people in the United States have. Yep, that would also be me.

Now excuse me while I go finish up season three.


tournesol said...

Oh no! but I have been doing something equally awful, lately I have been watching "House". It is a good show but wathing is NOT a good idea. And Mystery Diagnosis. They pretty much have happy endings but is like playing Russian Roulette. I started to read your February 8 post and stopped just in time I am certain, can't go any further I can just tell it is not a good one to read! :0

Leila V. said...

Wise move! ;)

I was actually going to rent the House series until I read the back of it. Don't ask me why I thought Grey's would be any better.

redbench said...

Wow. That is a rare cancer. I'm gonna go google it to make sure there's not a 17th case - me.

Stepherlyn said...

I know that you do not know me. But I just want to let you know that reading your blog made me feel that I wasn't alone when it came to the compulsively worrying if I'm dying hypochondria. I started a blog on this thing too.

In short thank you.

Leila V. said...

I know this won't be of any help, (because it never was for me), but, it's a cancer that only strikes kids.

You're welcome and a thanks back at you!

Us hypos have to stick together. Once I'm off work, I'll have to check out your blog.

Stepherlyn said...

Haha, yes we do need to stick together. Hypochons for life.