Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Please Not the Bowels

Within the last year, I’ve developed a tick in my left eye. When it unexpectedly made its first appearance, I was distraught. I was nearly in tears under the assumption that part of my brain was malfunctioning.

Then, as time went by, and the twitch came and went, I reached the understanding that it was just part of aging; bad stress management. I came to terms with the rogue eye twitch, and accepted it as benign.

The past few days brought an abnormally long visit from the twitch, so I decided to take matters into my hands and [cue scary music] google the twitch. It was shortly thereafter that I stumbled upon this lovely little site, which states in part:

…eye twitching is believed to be caused by an abnormal functioning of certain nerve areas located at the base of the brain which control the coordination of muscle movements…

Okay, for some reason, the whole “abnormal functioning” part is not jiving well. I’m suddenly back to being distraught. I can’t help but wonder what bodily function will deteriorate next.


Barbora said...

Chronic twitches, I know them well!

I actually have a story about this (I feel a post coming).

The good news has never been the bowels nor has never been fatal (yet).

Sean said...

I have 'em too! I actually think it's related to a viral infection that lives dormant in the nerves around your eye. Google that!

Leila V. said...

Let's hope I'm as lucky as you!

Very clever. I like the way you think! I'm off to Google that now.

Trish said...

Yeah, "abnormal function" is not a happy-sounding phrase, even if it could be fairly innocent. As for the deteriorating bodily functions, that's one of the unhappy secrets of passing 21 (you did, didn't you?). You think the aching joints, etc., are going to wait until you're somewhere near 40, but it can happen at any age depending on your general health, heredity, etc.

At least you exercise regularly; that seems to be the magic elixir. Couch potato that I am, I'm a poster child for how not to prevent arthritis, varicose veins, etc.

Aah..google. I've been avoiding it lately, but it's pull is increasing.

Sean said...

To be quite honest, I NEVER Google. I've once Froogled. But NEVER Google. That doesn't mean Google never does my searches. But I'm anit-Google myself, so I feel better when I meta search around Google. I personally use Dogpile, but it uses Google among others and invariably, most of my results come from the Empire.

tournesol said...


I am the same way!! Doing okay,then something is bothering me and I GOOGLE. I know better! Nothing good usually ever comes of it, maybe a few things that make you feel a little better, and you think that's not so bad, but who can stop at one, you keep reading until the really ugly one appears!
try not to worry.