Friday, April 13, 2007

Cracked Rib, Possible Punctured Lung, Definite Concussion

Lifting the pain medication (read Sierra Nevada), is about all I can handle right now, so excuse me if this post is only long enough for me to bitch about every ache and sunburned portion of my body. And speaking of aches, holding down the shift key to capitalize that last sentence just sent my pinky into a fit of convulsions.

I took the day off work today to go snowboarding with Rey and our houseguest, (our ten-year-old houseguest). A trip that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks on end. Cuz, after all, I am a totally hip snowboarding chick!

Ummmmm, no. Leila, meet Reality; Reality, Leila. I’m officially old and uncool.

Today I realized that I’m more out of touch with reality (and my body), than I previously thought. I only made it down the bunny hill twice, which is not as pathetic if you consider that Rey, who is normally much tougher than me, only made it down once. And my second trip consisted of chaperoning a bawling ten-year-old.

I thought having an aneurysm was bad! Snowboarding is worse. Two words: don’t believe the hype! Snowboarding sucks. And if you can snowboard, you suck too.

Did I mention my eyelids are sunburned?

(That's me face down in the snow, and said ten-year-old carrying his board down the hill.)


Sean said...

Wow, someone looks hot when wiped out!

Lacy said...

Hey! So pretty!

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