Monday, March 19, 2012

On the Road Again

Do not let my absenteeism lead you to believe that my hypochondria has been cured.  I, myself, fell into this trap (mistaking an unhealthy obsession with a horrible job and lack of time—read laziness—for the cure), but I, begrudgingly, must confess that I am as sick as ever (at least in my mind). 

The years spent away from the blog have been a whirlwind and as a testament to how crazy I still am; in my mind, I never left - I’ve actually been blogging this entire time. 

That terrifying midnight trip to the hospital prompted by violent spewing of deep red blood from my intestines (and the dude bumping the ‘80’s boom box in the waiting room) – blogged about it. 

The “flu” that caused me to throw up in a public bathroom and made me crap myself in my sleep – blogged about it.

My love affair with Xanax and Valium – blogged about it.

Oh, and Saturday’s St. Paddy’s Day sangria binge that ended in throat cancer – totally blogged about it.

In all honesty and the above incidents aside, I’m leaps and bounds from where I was in 2006, and to that I owe the blog and all the support I received from the hypo community.  But the reality is I’m still an anxiety-ridden hypochondriac and I still have a lot of work to do, so here I find myself – back at the blog I never left…


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that your hypochondria isn't cured, but at least I have company. Mine worsened this year because my father was in hospice for 8 months and then finally died a few weeks ago. Watching someone you love go through one organ failure after another doesn't help anxiety very much. --But you're back, and I look forward to all the wonderful posts that make me laugh at our condition.

hahabeatchahypochodria said...

hey leila! thanx for commenting on my blog. It made my day bec youre kind of the queen of hypo blogs!
(just take it :P ) im glad your 'leaps n bounds' ahead of where you used to be and that this blog helped you get there. I hope you keep us updated until the point this whole hyponess is a distant foggy thing. and by that i mean memory.