Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Horrors

Here I am, minding my own business on this lovely Sunday morning; drinking my Tito’s Bloody Mary and flipping through the latest edition of Self, when I stumbled across this handy, little nugget of information:

“Neti pot lovers, beware.  It’s highly rare, but using the sinus-clearing devices with water straight from tap could let (wait for it) a brain-eating amoeba enter your skull and, um, kill you in days…”

I have a feeling the neti pot (or amoeba farm) sitting in my shower right now is not going to be there for long.


Anonymous said...

Oh Leila,

I'm so happy to see that you're blogging again. Yes, I haven't touched my neti pot in quite some time. And Yes, I too am still a hypochondriac.


Leigh said...

I discovered this blog while you were on hiatus and find myself here each time I want to fall into a raging fit of hypo-anxiety. I get a good giggle or two and I don't feel so alone. I thought I was the only one who contracts deadly diseases several times a week. So happy your back.

David Lambertson said...

Goodness - I have found a kindred spirit

Anonymous said...

Come back to the blog you never left. :-) Hope you're doing OK.

laurenc said...

Hi Leila,

My name is Lauren, and I'm currently working on a project researching hypochondria. I would love to talk to you more about your experiences. If possible, please email meat

Thank you! Love your blog!


Anonymous said...


Great to see you're blogging again. I've missed your writing a lot. Whatever happened with the hunger games?


Unknown said...

Hi Leila! I don't mean to send you into hypochondriac mode again, but have you ever considered whether you have hypoglycemia? I'm only asking because I have it, and I sometimes go into hypochondriac mode when my blood sugar is low- I've been convinced that I had carbon monoxide poisoning, anaphalactic shock and melanoma (among others). Here's a link about the correlation between hypoglycemia and hypochondria.

Bren + Lucy said...

This is such an inspirational story to share...

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