Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's My Middle Name

I have quite the large assortment of fillings in my mouth. Ten to be exact, and all in an attractive silver, instead of white composite, (because my mom was too cheap to care that my mouth would eventually look like a scrap yard). And the fillings aren’t there because I don’t brush my teeth, I do, daily, I promise, I just have a strong affinity for the dentist. But I digress.

About three months ago, one of those lovely, shiny fillings fell out. Okay, honestly, it became “loose,” and lodged in the crevasse between my other tooth, and I picked and pulled, with dental floss and tooth picks and everything else I could get my hands on, until one beautiful Sunday afternoon, I pulled that little piece of scrap metal smooth out of my mouth and left a gaping hole in my molar.

Now fast-forward three months.

The phone book lays open on the table. Bottles of codeine, Advil and NightQuil are strewn across the floor. I lay wriggling in pain on the couch as the exposed nerve in my molar feels like it is being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick.

In true procrastinator style, I still haven’t called the dentist for my filling that fell out three months ago, and I’m paying for it in pain. If I can’t make it through the weekend, which is a very real possibility, I’ll be paying for it in dollars too.


The Maven said...

Oh crap. I hope you get that fixed ASAP. Nothing like tooth pain. It's brutal!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I've been sufferring terribly the last few months (and fifteen years) w/what i'm continuely assured is hypochondria. I've been in a terrible doctor loop since December and am convinced that this time it's something real.... they're just not doing the right tests. Typical. I often downplay my fears by expressing them in a comical way, but they are endless and crushing. Great blog.

Lindsay said...

Your lucky you can still take aleve - I had stomach bleeding brought on by ibuprofen I was taking for tooth pain and cannot ever take it again. That was the malady that started my hypochondria, actually (now my "stomach might be bleeding" every time I feel a little weak or nauseous). Be careful with that stuff! tylenol is safer.

Jobthingy said...

i hope you went and got it fixed.. tooth pain is the worst.

Anonymous said...

I've had you're blog book-marked for awhile but never taken a chance to read. I can't express how much I feel like you. I hide behind metal dividers in the car because I'm afraid I'll get shot. I have acid reflux so bad I am constantly having a heart attack. I can no longer do 'crunches' either because I feel like I'm going to 'kink' my abdominal aorta and cause an aneurysm. I hate elevators so I take stairs but you know that leads to heart attacks, so I'm always in a dilemma. I even live in Nevada too! The commonality that really is bothering me is that my grandfather just passed a few weeks ago to terminal cancer, and while he was sick and even now I am using it as an excuse to- not do things, homework mostly. Thinking about it I've been using my anxiety/hypochondria diagnosis in school for years to give myself an out from doing something I hate or know I'm bad at. Now I really feel like a horrible person. UGH! No wonder hypochondriacs have low self-esteem, we are destroying ourselves body, mind, and tooth. Well I hope YOUR tooth gets better. And quick question, I just have to ask, do you hate letting other people drive you? It drives me crazy... Just wondering if other hypochondriacs are bothered by not having their car and an escape vehicle to get to the nearest hospital (and the one with the highest level of trauma care, obviously).

Jason said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months now. As a fellow hypochondriac I find it very comforting to read stories of others who are like me.