Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Things That Come Out of His Mouth

I crawled out of bed this morning just long enough to call in sick. Strangely, after the call, the “fog” lifted and I felt strong enough to make a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a 360 game in celebration of my mini-vacation. I leaned against the door, decked out in my grey sweat pants. I had the hood of my trusty Raiders sweatshirt pulled tightly around my face to hide my dirty hair. Rey—who had showered and shaved before I called in sick—looked at me while adjusting the collar of his dress shirt and said:

“Maybe they’ll think I’m taking you to get an abortion.”

I love you too, honey.


Nikole said...

That is FUNNY! The Rey part, not you being "sick." :)

Sean said...

Awe! Watch Juno. The irony of this situation is impeccable (seeing as how I just got through the door from watching that darn thing). You'll appreciate your own post even more. By the way, for men, trips to the abortion clinic is the most fun a man can have out with a woman. It beats going shopping with her. I've only been once, but it's a ride I do again and again in a heartbeat. Not too kind on the wallet, but but everything else (speaking from a man's perspective) turns up aces. In fact, I think people should go to the abortion clinic just to see what's up every so often. It's like going to night court, just to watch.

No offense to all those so readily willing and capable of being offended. I'm just that crass.

Leila V. said...

You're out of control Sean, out of control. If you had a TV or radio show you'd be kicked off the air.

Addie said...

Tell Rey he is too funny. I hope you enjoyed your "day off". I was going to ask you what game you got for 360, but I know next to nothing about anything but Dance Dance Revolution and the game that came with my Nintendo Wii. I hope the fog stays away.