Saturday, September 22, 2007

Outside My Window

Embarrassment fear and shame
Torment from shadows
Anxiety clogs the mind

I woke up feeling creative this lovely Saturday morning, so the above is my attempt at a hypo style haiku. I wrote it while I sipped decaf coffee and listened to violent hail beat at my roof. I love nasty weather. I don’t understand why they call it nasty, I think it’s soothing.

I was born in San Francisco on a Thursday morning in November; I’d like to think it was raining.


Nikole said...

Wow - how creative! I like it.

I also enjoy "nasty" weather. We just had some this week here in good ole' MN. In my naive mind, I did not think it hailed in CA. Silly me; so sheltered.

Decaf coffee, how do you do it? I try, but give in to tempation of that nasty drug caffeine!

Leila V. said...

I live in Nor Cal no more
Hail there it still does
Caffeine is beyond evil

Okay, I’m a one trick pony; shoot me.

Sean said...

I like one trick pony, I'm not one for sensory overload. I can't take all the lights, smoke and mirrors, personally. And I was born on a Sunday, in November, which was subsequently changed to a day in March. Funny how these things work, no? Leila, you're only too cool.

Aimée said...

I was born on a Thursday night in October in Ohio, but I wish it was San Fransisco. I went there for the first time this month and it was AWESOME there.

Nasty weather is soothing when you are indoors and protected, but if you are driving or out in it, thats when it gets nasty.

Addie said...

I'm going to agree with aimee. I love the storms as long as I'm not out in 'em. Lovely haiku, Leila! Hope you survived the hail. We would love just about any kind of weather we could get out here. We're about 12 inches short on rain and drought has ensued. My poor thirsty petunias.
ps. Leila, are you sitting down? I updated my blog!

tournesol said...

I LOVE nasty weather too,(don't get too much in So. Cal) and I LOVE San Francisco. Plan to go there in December to visit my cousin. Usually go to Monterrey seeking weather every winter too. I like your Haiku too.