Monday, November 20, 2006

Prophesies of a Hypochondriac

I have a sick obsession of devising cynical outcomes to future events and incessantly replaying them over and over and over in my mind. Instead of “going with the flow,” or living in the “moment,” I spend the “moment” engrossed in my horrible outcomes. It’s a ritual that all but consumes me, and a big source of my anxiety.

For instance, my company Christmas party is in nineteen days. They fly me and a guest to Vegas, put us up in a four star hotel, and host the party at a luxurious country club. Believe it or not, I absolutely dread every moment that brings me closer to the party.

I focus on how the plane will crash, I can feel my flesh burning; how my outfit will look horrible, and the disgusted stares people will give me; the humiliation I’ll feel when no one talks to me. (Mind you, this will be my third Christmas party, my plane has yet to crash and I’ve had a great time every year). But still, I vividly play out the worse case scenarios up until the very last day.

The bottom line is, I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure and am making a conscious effort to visualize the positive instead of the negative.


Lacy said...

Leila...are you kidding me? Who do you work for and how can I sign up?!?!

Lacy said...

Leila...are you kidding me? Who do you work for and how can I sign up?!?!

dave said...

So the next time your plane "crashes" just try to picture the handsome fireman who will rescue you. Its totally not realistic but so are your other choices ;-)

Seriously though, when you start thinking these things do what you can to point out the absurdity of the thought, and then remind yourself that its anxiety and you are just as likely to have a great time as you are to have a bad one...

Easy as pie. Pie made while wearing mittens and blindfolded.